Review: Trader Joe's Mango Sorbet

10:38 PM

You know that sensational, exuberant feeling when you taste something so incredibly delicious that you can't believe it exists?

I think Trader Joe's Mango Sorbet might be something that emits that feeling for me.

Whenever I saw TJ's Mango Sorbet in the freezer section, I never thought twice about it. In my mind, it would be some watered down, sugary ice that wasn't worth the caloric intake.

One day, I got the opportunity to try it a la Trader Joe's sample bar.

(Let me take this opportunity to extoll the wonders of TJ's sample bar. I absolutely LOVE their sample bar. I know sometimes little old ladies and insufferable young kids take advantage of the sample bar, where they grab grubby fistfuls of white sample cups without actually intending to purchase anything, but that doesn't make it any less wonderful. Whenever I stop by a TJ's, I make it a point to have a sip of their coffee with soy milk, and to eat whatever delicious concoction they decide to grace their customers with that day. By the way, I have decided that TJ's coffee is pretty much better that Starbucks.)

I was strolling by a sample bar when I spotted TJ's Mango Sorbet. Since it was a sample, it was a no brainer that I scoop one bite up.

When I bit in, I was amazed. The mango flavor bursted on my tongue. This sorbet was rich in texture, not at all icy tasting, and just the right about of sweetness. The sorbet reminded me of mango desserts on Hong Kong - Hong Kong folks LOVE the taste of mango - which I find very admirable of TJ's capabilities. I no longer have to schlep all the way to Hong Kong for a suitable mango dessert! I can have the fresh taste of mango desserts, right from my local Trader Joe's!

It was so good that you bet that I went back for a second sample. And perhaps a third.

If you're a fan of mango, definitely do not hesitate to purchase Trader Joe's Mango Sorbet! It can be found in the ice cream/dessert section for $4.49 per pint.

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