Travel Post: Lima in Peru

5:30 PM

This blog is apart of my Peru travel post series. Read my previous posts about the Amazon rainforest, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Cuzco!

Day 6.5 - Lima

Lima is vastly different than anything else we had seen in Peru. It is modernized and clean! We stayed in the most beautiful Airbnb, a luxury apartment if you will. We ate dinner at actual restaurants! We used bathrooms with soap (there was rarely any soap at any of the other places in Peru...)! There were mowed lawns! Restaurants that took credit cards! I had never been so pleased to be in a city. I guess you can say I'm high maintenance and was tired of "roughing it" up until then.

Our first meal in Lima was at Pardos Chicken. We ordered SO MUCH MEAT. It was absolutely delicious. Not only did we devour plates and plates of meat, but alcoholic drinks were buy one get one free - which meant we ordered 2 stiff drinks for $5 USD!

Our dinner in Lima
an entire plate filled with MEAT
After dinner, we went shopping for snacks and lunch to bring with us for our day trip to Huachachina, but came back to Lima for one more day in Lima.

Day 7 - Huachachina (another post)

Day 8 - Lima

We only had one more day before we have to board our plane ride back to America. We spend part of the day on a walking Lima food tour. We just threw caution to the wind and ate lots of street food. I later experienced the ramifications of this through traveler's diarrhea - hurray!

We ate everything from Amazonian food (SO. FLIPPING. GOOD) to ceviche, roasted pork from street vendors, salsa from a questionable stand in the food market, fruit smoothies from another questionable stand, and more.


Fruit stand

Some sort of Peruvian fruit

Amazonian food!

Roasted pork from street vendor

Then we walk around a bit more (we saw a park filled with cats!), and head back to the airport to conclude our wonderful adventure in Peru.

Next week's post: before we left Peru, we went to Huachachina, a desert oasis in Peru!  

*We have my friend to thank for these beautiful pictures throughout the next couple of posts. A few of these pictures were taken on my GoPro, but most pictures were taken by my friend, Alex Botao Wong. 

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