Travel Post: Cuzco in Peru

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This blog is apart of my Peru travel post series. Read my previous posts about the Amazon rainforest, Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu!

Day 5.5 - Cuzco
We took the Perurail train back to Cuzco from Aguas Calientes. This took over 4 hours.

We arrive at our Airbnb in Cuzco only to discover that there is NO HOT WATER. The water was freezing cold! Keep in mind that this was after a long day of traveling, hiking, and a 4 hour train ride back home soaking in our sweat and filth. After several unsuccessful calls to our Airbnb host to alleviate the problem, we decide to boil hot water with pots, and bathe ourselves with bowls in the shower. I had never felt lower. 

Nevertheless, we try to make the best out of an unfortunate situation. We attempted to get some rest to wake up early to explore Cuzco.

Day 6 - Exploring Cuzco
In the morning, we had a few hours before our flight to Lima to explore Cuzco. We walk around the town and take in all the sights. It really is a beautiful, old town - even if hot water is not common.

View of Cuzco from our Airbnb

Cuzco's main square

Churros we bought from a street vendor
We visited San Pedro market in Cuzco, which is an extremely large market. A tour guide said that a lot of goods were cheapest here, out of everywhere else in Peru.

We fly out of Cuzco to go to Lima, our next stop.

Read about Lima here!

*We have my friend to thank for these beautiful pictures throughout the next couple of posts. A few of these pictures were taken on my GoPro, but most pictures were taken by my friend, Alex Botao Wong. 

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