Review: Trader Joe's Tarte a l'Oignon

5:00 PM

One of my favorite leisurely activities is sitting down with the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer that I receive in the mail and circling all the new products I want to taste. The most recent Fearless Flyer highlighted an onion tart that I wanted to try.
"This Alsatian onion tart is similar in style to other tarts we have in our stores, rich and buttery, and with a unique crust and topping you might expect to find in a fabulous continental restaurant, and not the freezer case in a grocery store. Trader Jacques Tarte à l'Oignon begins with a true shortcrust dough made with 100% butter and free range eggs. That glorious crust is topped with crème fraiche, slow cooked grilled onions, a bit of milk, nutmeg, and pepper [...]"
 How could I resist such a vivid description? You're right--I couldn't.

The tarte comes in a tin container, that you can just pop into the oven.

Only 340 calories for the entire tart!  So if I -uh, I mean, if some people- chose to eat the entire thing, it wouldn't leave you feeling a intense sense of self-hatred.

It's almost too easy to make. Pop into the oven for 25-30 minutes, and voila! You get a crispy, unique tasting onion tarte as an appetizer or side. On this particular night that I made it, I had made pesto pasta with chicken to pair it with. Quite a delicious combination.

Note the gooey texture and buttery crust.

All cut up and ready to eat!

This was a very unique appetizer and/or side to try. The crust was perfect - the sweet, buttery crust complemented the onion flavors well. TJ's products are always high in quality, but this felt like something I would have purchased from a local bakery. It is extremely rich in onion taste, so if you do not like onions (GASP!), I would not recommend. 

Give it a try if you are curious! You can find these in Trader Joe's frozen sections for $3.99 a box.

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  1. I hate to break it to you but the whole tart has 680 calories, not 340. I have one heating up right now and I just checked the box. 2 servings at 340 calories each. Anyway, looking forward to tasting it!

    1. Thanks for the correction! Let me know how you like it!