Review: Trader Joe's Molten Salted Butterscotch Macarons

5:00 PM

I am feeling a bit under the weather as I type this post. And since we all know the best way to recover is to overeat whilst skipping the gym, I decided to give these a try today. Being the macaron fiend I am, I knew these were calling my name when I spotted them in Trader Joe's freezer sections. GIANT. MACARONS. AS BIG AS MY PALM!

A week prior to seeing this particular butterscotch flavor in stock, I had a sample of the chocolate flavored macaroons at the sample station. While I am not the biggest fan of rich chocolate-flavored items, I really enjoyed the texture. The macaron shell was crispy with a fluffy interior, and the filling was light and souffle-like. When I saw that TJ's also carried a butterscotch flavor, I gasped out loud, and quickly threw it into my red shopping cart.

What inside the box looks like
I put a small bag of chips next to the macarons to give a sense of scale. I realize now that I should have probably used something "classier", like a fork.
This really could not be any easier to make. You simply pop one macaron into the microwave for 40 seconds. The filling will slowly ooze out of the cookie.
Look at that warm, gooey buttercream frosting just popping out!
And...dig in!

The texture was as good as I remember. The butterscotch flavor was SO good! I'm a huge fan of caramel flavors, and this macaron reminded me of salted caramel macarons that I often buy from bakeries.
To up your macaron game, I highly suggested adding ice cream or custard when enjoying this dessert. The cookies can even be separated from each other so that you can add your scoop of ice cream between the cookies!

This was so good that I didn't even feel all that guilty for eating it all by myself. (In my defense, I offered it to my boyfriend and he refused to try any...what a fool!)

You can find TJ's Molted Salted Butterscotch Macarons for $3.99 a box in the dessert freezer aisle. That comes out to only $2 per giant macaroon. :)

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