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5:00 PM

I am what you call a fitness addict.

Well, I say enthusiast. Many of my close friends and family think I have a problem. I'm the type of person who has to work out in some shape or form every single day, or I start to feel restless. I love going to group classes at the gym; my favorites in particular are hip-hop, TRX, and barre. If I don't go to the gym that day, then I enjoy walking/half-jogging with my dog. I love endorphins from exercising!

Before I joined a gym, I used to run outside every day. I would run in my old tshirts and shorts, and it honestly would not bother me. But ever since I started sweating buckets in my high intensity cardio classes, I understand the need for moisture wicking, supportive, flexible clothes that I really can move around in.

I don't actually shop that much for normal, day to day street clothes, but I do shop a lot for gym tank tops and yoga pants. My yoga pants to normal pants gap is slowly widening, because let's face it - yoga pants are awfully comfy to wear whether or not you are going to the gym!

Since I buy so many gym clothes, I don't spend a lot on a per item basis. I refrain from buying $80 Lululemon pants (though I am curious as to whether or not they are superior), but rather, hunt around for good bargains on gym clothes. I wanted to share a few of my favorite places.

Fabletics is a subscription-based retailer for workout clothes, apparently co-founded by Kate Hudson. They offer a great deal for new members: the first outfit for new members is only $25. This includes a workout top and pants!

I honestly joined Fabletics just for the new member discount; I find their regularly-priced clothes a bit pricey. However, sometimes they have great sales which offer deep discounts on their items. I've been able to score workout tanks and yoga pants for $15 each!

I feel that the quality of the clothes that I've purchased from Fabletics recently impressed me. The quality of the first few outfits I ordered was subpar. but Fabletics must have stepped their game up. On top of their excellent first member discount and sale prices, I find their pieces very stylish!

Here are a few of my favorites! Click on the image to shop the look.


  • TJ Maxx is perhaps where I purchase most of my active wear from. They have a great selection, and everything is at very affordable prices (usually $15 and up).

    I am especially giddy that they launched online shopping. I buy a bunch of clothes to try on at home; whatever does not work out, I am able to bring it into my closest TJ Maxx to return. Win-win situation.

  • Athleta is another option of mine for workout clothes. Their normal prices are normally on the higher side, but they have great sales. I find their quality to be better than Fabletics and the clothes that TJ Maxx offers. While their sale items are in the $40~ range, I am sometimes able to score workout and yoga pants for $20-$25!

Purchasing cute gym clothes does not have to be expensive! Let me know in the sections below if you have any personal favorites on where to buy gym clothes. :)

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