Review: What's It? It's-It!

3:14 PM

It was an average Thursday weekday. A casual, run of the mill, "I can't wait until Friday is here," work day. On January 16, 2014 at approximately 1:30 pm, something changed my life forever.

That "something" was an It's-It vanilla ice cream sandwich.

What 's an Its'-It, you may be asking?

An It's-It is a "A scoop of ice cream, sandwiched between two old-fashioned oatmeal cookies, and dipped in dark chocolate. This product is available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint and Cappucino. " (source:It's It Official Website). But that description is only in Layman's terms and does not do the product justice.

Because once I took a bite out of this delightful concoction, I knew it was more than just an ice cream sandwich. The chewy oatmeal cookies, the creamy ice cream interior, the dark chocolate that encased it all - it was something magical, something beyond my tastebuds' wildest dreams. The ratio of all the ingredients were rationed perfectly so that there was enough cookie to pair with the ice cream. Some of the dark chocolate casing slivered off so I was able to pick up the small pieces to nibble on greedily, much like a chipmunk.

Another factor why I think It's-It are so darn awesome is that they origined in Burlingame! Bay Area, holla!

Do yourself a favor and if you haven't, try an Its'It today! Here is a list of retailers who supply It's-It.

It's-Its are also available in Mint, Cappucino, and Chocolate.

Have you had the opportunity to try an It's-It?

Please forgive my terribly grainy photo quality as these pictures were hastilly taken on my iPhone during lunch.
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    1. Wow Emily, that's so awesome! Thanks again - I've posted my answers to your questions. :)