Review: TJ's Raspberry Almondine Tart

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The bakery section at Trader Joe's is magical. It's amazing how a grocery store chain can produce pastries and baked goods so fresh, so delicious, that it rivals (and in some instances, even surpasses) the products of actual bakeries. 

Take Trader Joe's Raspberry Almondine Tart, for example.

This may very well be my favorite bakery item from Trader Joe. I'm a huge fan of almonds, so it was not even a question for me to try this. The entire tart is layered in crispy, slivered almonds on top of a sweet raspberry filling. Circumference that with a buttery crust with flakey layers, and you've got yourself a clear winner.

Almonds on almonds on almonds! No cheaping out on nuts here.

Behold the layers of the tart!

Just almond-ly, chewy goodness all around!

What I most like about this tart is that it is not too sweet in terms of baked goods. For example, I'm not a huge fan of chocolate cake because I find it too sweet. This Raspberry Almondine Tart though? I could eat the whole thing in one sitting!

You can find the Raspberry Almondine Tart at your local Trader Joe's in the bakery section.

What is your favorite dessert from the Trader Joe's bakery section?


P.S. I apologize for any insensitivities from this post if you have a nut allergy. I did not mean to cruelly shove pictures of a food you are unable to eat in your face.

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