Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians

12:29 AM

One of my favorite pastimes, aside from eating Trader Joe's, is reading. I developed my love for reading at a very young age. I love nothing more than escaping into a book, escaping into engrossing storylines and acquainting myself with fictional characters. Words on the page generate vivid situations in my head.

I loved reading so much as a child that books are the reason why my eyesight is so poor! I would read in the dark and in moving cars, prompting me to squint and subsequently blur my vision. The tradeoff is that I learned to love the English language, which translated into a passion for writing. I would fill notebook pages of my own stories and characters. I even wrote to some of my favorite authors asking them for tips on publishing books.

While I do not write creatively as a hobby anymore, I still read regularly. I thought it would be great to share some of my favorite books on A Nibble Bit.

In this modern day and age, it is rare to hold a physical book. We read on our phones, on tablets, and on eBook readers. I prefer holding a real book and turning paper pages as I progress through a story, but recently have developed an affinity for Kindle's Paperwhite eBook reader.

I carry a lot of things with me to and from work on a daily basis. I commute to work, so carrying my normal work purse and my gym bag everyday weighs me down quite a lot! I like to find ways to lighten my load, and the Kindle Paperwhite does just that. I sacrifice turning actual pages for a lightweight device, which is better for my shoulders and for my back.

The screen is designed to emulate a paperback book, which is very cool. I can also adjust the brightness of the screen so I can read in the dark without nearby lamps.

I imagine it would be very convenient to travel with as well, as I can read on long flights. I also have the ability to purchase books over a wifi connection - very easy if I need to purchase a novel between stop overs!

Click the link below to read reviews, and to maybe even purchase one for yourself!

So what books have I been reading on my dear Kindle Paperwhite?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. The title was initially off putting for me, but seeing the high reviews and acclaimed praise encouraged me to read it. I'm glad I did, as the story is very well written. Kwan weaves a wonderful tale of the super-rich families of Asia. Part of me was left wondering if such wealthiness does exist in this world, but I read a recent interview with Kwan confirming some points in his story has factual basis!

Kevin Kwan also wrote a sequel to Crazy Rich Asians, titled China Rich Girlfriend. I found his sequel to be just as amusing and fun to read. I highly recommend both if you love fiction.

What are some of your favorite books to read? Let me know in the comments below!

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