Review: TJ's Does Romance

7:00 PM

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! While I believe that partners should celebrate and show their love for each other other than one day a year, I have to admit I love getting showered with extra TLC on this day. I'm lucky enough to have someone who supports my obsession for Trader Joe's, and who is thoughtful enough to surprise me with products that he knows I haven't tried yet.

Enter...TJ's Chocolate Lovers' Collection!

TJ's Chocolate Lovers' collection is a fancier offering than their other sweets and desserts. It's packaged in a nice box with a wax seal-looking-thing.

Pardon the broken seal on the box, I was very eager to open and eat the chocolate!
Open opening a box, you can see they have a guide to the chocolates in the box! You know the chocolate is fancy when it has a guide.

They have two levels of chocolate, so the box has a total of 16 chocolates.

The first chocolate I reached for was the honeycomb crunch. Very delicious!

I was very impressed with TJ's chocolate in this box! It definitely tasted like high end chocolate (me-thinks TJ's supplier is a fancy chocolatier), and I would definitely consider it comparable to Godiva. Since these pictures were taken, I have tried many more of the other chocolates, and they are all scrumptious.

TJ's has really outdone itself with this chocolate box! I highly recommend purchasing it as a gift for your loved ones if they love sweets. It's priced higher than what TJ products are normally priced at (think $7-$8 instead of $5 and under), but the quality is definitely there.

Tell me, how were your Valentine's Days?


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