Recipe: DIY Banana Chocolate Protein Smoothie

5:19 PM

One of my favorite things to do is to work out; I typically do a mixture of cardio (mainly running) and strength training. After I work out, I treat myself to a nice protein shake. Aside from my standard formula of protein powder and almond milk, I like to mix it up and make a complete meal sometimes. I've whipped this extremely easy recipe up and wanted to share it since it is so delicious and filling!

To get started, all you need is four simple ingredients: 

1 - One scoop of chocolate protein powder (any brand, and any flavor of your choosing actually. But for this purpose of creating a Banana Chocolate Shake, we will go with chocolate)
2 - Splash of Almond Milk. I really like Silk's almond milk. You can find this in a 3-pack at Costco.
3 - A frozen banana
4 - Fage Greek Yogurt. You can also find this at Costco.
5- A Magic Bullet, or any other blender you have handy


1. Toss in your frozen banana. It's easier to blend together if you break it all into pieces, so a slightly defrosted banana works best. If you did not leave it out at room temperature, throw it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so.

2. Next, throw in some greek yogurt. I normally eyeball a cup.

3.  Next add a splash of almond milk!

4. And of course, your protein powder of choice. I really like the Optimum Nutrition brand. It tastes really good (especially with some milk), compared to some other brands I've tried. The protein to carb ratio is also pretty good. I only use a scoop of powder, but feel free to add more at your own discretion.

5. (Optional) I threw in half a tablespoon of chia seeds too. They're really good for you!

6.  Blend it all together!
I did not take off the warning label yet

7. Admire your beautiful concoction. What I really like about the frozen banana is that it gives the smoothie the icy, thick texture which is very enjoyable if you just came back from an intense run outside.

8. Enjoy your smoothie! Pour it into a blender bottle for on the go convenience.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! This recipe is easily adaptable, so you can change it up with your ingredients as well. You can use a room temperature banana, for example, or add some different fruits and flavors of protein powders. 


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