Travel Post: New TJ Picks & Sandy Eggo!

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Only in sunny California would it be 70 degrees outside in the middle of January. And I have to say I'm diggin' it! My favorite season is summer, so it was great to wear a skirt and crop top in the middle of winter.

I got a new camera lately (the Sony NEX 3N), so I took it out for a whirl this weekend! I am nowhere close to a pro-photographer, so I've been playing around with the functions to learn.

Floral crop top | Chambray shirt from TJ Maxx
Blue maxi skirt from Target 
Crossbody purse from Michael Kors

The Sony NEX 3N also has a panorama feature built in, which is great in getting high-quality shots (versus the blurry images produced from an iPhone's panoramic feature). Here is a picture of Mission Bay in San Diego, CA!

Not only did I get to frolic around in the warm sunshine, I had the lovely privilege of visiting a Trader Joe's. My weekend is never complete without a visit to Trader Joe's! I got the chance to pick up some products I've been eyeing for a while.

Trader Joe's Inside Out Carrot Cake Cookies ($5.99 in the bakery section)

I've wanted to try these for the longest time and finally bit the dust (or the cookie? Har har). I'm a huge fan of carrot cake, and seeing these on the bakery shelves had me extremely curious. Are they just as delicious as its namesake?, I mused.

Indeed they are! The cookies are chewy, soft, and doughy. They taste exactly like what a cookie version of a carrot cake tastes like! Sandwiched between the cookies is a creamy and thick cream cheese frosting. To top it of, tiny bits of shredded carrots and raisins are baked into the cookies. Taking a bite out of these was like biting into an incredibly moist, flavorful cake. 

If only having "carrot" in its name meant it was healthy! Oh, in a perfect world...

Blueberry & Pomegranate Green Tea ($1.49/bottle)

I'm a sucker for green tea. I'm aware I can easily brew my own green tea, but the teas from Trader Joe's are quite refreshing! At just $1.49 for a huge bottle, it's hard to resist. They complement my Trader Joe's snacking activities very well. It doesn't hurt that, as like any tea, it has no calories. (Pro tip: This tea is unsweetened, so if you're not a fan of green tea on its own, this would not taste appealing to you.)

Soy & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips ($1.99/bag)

You know how some "healthier" spins on certain products taste absolutely disgusting? (Read: sugar-free ice cream. What's the point!?) These chips don't taste like that. They are quite yummy and don't taste like sand.

You can opt for the spicy or non spicy version. To me, they taste pretty similar, but the spicy version adds a bit of a kick. For you non-spicy food eaters - don't worry! You can handle the spicy version. I'm a complete wimp at eating spicy food, but can scarf down the spicy tortilla chips with no problem.

But you don't have to enjoy these chips by their lonesome! I have lined up some great options so that your chips have some company dancing on your tongue (and eventually down your espophagus):

Reduced Guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip 
If you enjoy spinach dip but don't fancy the heavy calories that come with ingesting it, then boy do I have a solution for you! Allow me to introduce you to TJ's Spinach & Kale Green Yogurt Dip.

Instead of using fattening ingredients, this dip uses healthier substitutes. such as greek yogurt and kale. All of the taste and none of the self-hatred after eating an entire container!

I find this dip delicious and just as satisfying as your traditional spinach dip with butter/cheese/lard/what have you. And at only 30 calories per tablespoon, you really can't go wrong! Try this dip with baby carrots, tortilla chips, or even on a pizza or burrito.

If you're more of a guacamole fan (but don't necessarily like the mayonaise or other equally artery-clogging ingredients), then I high recommend TJ's Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole. This guac is also made with greek yogurt, and has 30% less fat and 40% less calories than regular guacamole.

I have to admit that this does not taste like the good ol' fattening, regular guacamole. However, it imitates guacamole fairly well, and I personally don't mind the healthier taste.

Alright, alright. Enough of the "reduced guilt" stuff. 

Trader Joe's Bacon Cheddar Ranch Dip is one zesty dip! This is a rich tasting tip with intense bacon and cheddar flavors, but not overwhelmingly so. This dip tastes great with the aforementioned Soy & Flax Tortilla Chips, or with celery and baby carrots. Or mayhaps slather it on your crust after gobbling down a pizza? The only limitation is your imagination!

Dear readers, have you tried any of the above products? 

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