Welcome! Ode to Trader Joe's

9:09 PM

Hi, everyone!
For my first post, I thought I would start off with my all-time, favorite place: Trader Joe's. When asked about their favorite place, I'm aware many 20-somethings would not quote a chain grocery store. Maybe a bar, or a park, or the gym (ha!). But yes, Trader Joe's is indeed mine.

The joyous emotions that I feel upon stepping into a Trader Joe's are difficult to explain. Maybe it's the quirky chalkboards advertising the latest seasonal products, or the friendly folks in Hawaiian shirts. Maybe it's the smell of the sample counter and the promise of free Dixie-cupped sized of coffee. More than anything, for me, it is the promise of something new. The promise of trying out a new product that I will fall in love with and can then recommend to my family and friends. At such affordable prices, it's very plausible to buy several items to sample on a weekly basis -- which is what I do! I'm fortunate enough to live nearby a Trader Joe's, whose short distance I constantly take advantage of. You can find me perusing the aisles for hours, smiling happily to myself while reading labels and debating my next purchase. Hence, #minaeatstj was born. This #minaeatsTJ hashtag refers to the hashtag I use on my Instagram account when reviewing products I have recently tried from Trader Joe's. Please search on Instagram, and you will see some of the products I have tried and recommended to my friends.
Fellow readers, is there a store or particular establishment you consider your happy place? Let me know in the comments below!

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