A Nibble Bit of San Francisco

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A picture of the lovely Golden Gate Bridge taken on my iPhone

Despite having been born and raised in the Bay Area (albeit a brief stint in Southern California where I obtained something small called my Bachelor of Science), I've never really explored San Francisco outside of the touristy spots. I've gotten the opportunity to spend more and more time in San Francisco lately, and have been pleasantly surprised by some restaurants.

Yes, I know that finding good restaurants in San Francisco should be unsurprising since many regard San Francisco as a mecca of good food; however, I've always perceived SF with nothing more than a "meh" attitude. Atrociously high rent, smelly streets reeking of bodily fluids, long waits for mediocre restaurants...the city just doesn't sing to me. BUT, there are some exceptions to the rule. Read on for some of my favorite places to eat in the city of fog!

They have, the best frickin' cioppino ever. I think it's a steal at $41 for a giant bowl of flavorful broth with a plentiful amount of seafood. Their risotto is aromatic and heavenly as well, and while I never get pasta while dining out, their pasta is simply out of this world. Not to mention that they pass out free bread as well.

Pro tip: ask for fresh garlic, they will give you a generous amount. Perfect to combine with olive oil and vinegar to dip your bread in!

There can be a wait, so I strongly recommend making reservations (only available for parties of 3 or more), or coming on a weekday night.

Seafood risotto

Fettucine pasta with pesto

Amazing cioppino. Just amazing.

I am 99% convinced I will never find a Mexican restaurant as delicious as my favorite all time restaurant in San Diego, El Patron. El Farilito comes at a close second to El Patron.

Their burritos are fresh, delicious, and cheap - everything that a good Mexican restaurant should have. You have the option to substitute the tortilla with a spinach, wheat, or tomato tortilla - making it a bit more healthy!

Nachos with fried egg!
Source: Yelp.com
And they serve nachos with fried egg. FRIED EGG. That in itself is simply amazing.

This is a sweet little food stand inside a mini food court area of San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood. Suite Foods serves -you guessed it- waffles. But not just any kind of waffles. You have your choice of a freshly made traditional belgian waffle, maple bacon waffle, tomato sun-dried waffle, or a chocolate waffle! Then you can pick add-ons to accompany with your waffle. In my case, I always pick a poached egg (EGGS) or Frozen Kuhsterd custard. I've had both, and they are so, SO good.

Source: yelp.com

Source: Yelp.com

Source: Yelp.com

Just get their dry fried chicken wings if you go here. But be prepared for a long wait. It might be better to just get take out.

Wonderful Dessert & Cafe is just down the street from San Tung, and serve the best milk tea around! I always get some variation of milk tea with egg pudding. Their milk tea boasts a strong tea flavored, unlike other competitors who water down their milk tea. 

Located inside the history Ferry Building, Hog Island is a real treat for the seafood lover. My personal favorites is the clam chowder, which is different from your traditional creamy clam chowder. Their oysters are extremely fresh, and their grilled cheese sandwich is delicious as well.
Source: Yelp.com

Do you have any favorites in San Francisco? Let me know in the comments below!


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